Text 24 Jun 1 note Law and Order

I wrote an episode of Law and Order in my dream last night. It started off with a kid walking through crowded hallways of a middle school or high school. His age was unclear. But he’s looking for his friend, Audrey. He’s asking around, “Hey, have you seen Audrey?” After asking a couple of people who haven’t seen her today, it cuts to a dark house. The camera goes through a hallway and zooms in on a dead girl on a couch. Next scene, there are several police cars outside, you can hear all the police noises. A detective is asking Audrey’s grieving parents questions. They believe that it’s apparent that she committed suicide. After examining the body, the police believe that there are signs of abuse so the detectives look further into the death of Audrey. It turns out that her father is a bit of an alcoholic and he becomes the main suspect. They find out that Audrey had been seeing a therapist because of some trouble she’d been having in school. They go in to question the therapist, who seems like a hippie/hack who has the voice of Sarah Silverman. She seems very attached to Audrey. She talks about her and the child as a we and makes the statement that she was Audrey’s protector. The police also take her in for further questioning. The story goes back to the kid from the beginning, who looks a lot like Joe from Super 8. He lives alone with his mom. She sent him to a different therapist to help deal with the death of his best friend. The therapist is helping him try to understand why someone would kill themselves. The kid, I’ll just call him Joe, wanted to understand what she felt when she was dying. Here’s where the dream starts to fall apart a little bit. The therapist lets Joe take one of the pills that Audrey took while he’s in his office and describes to him what it would be like to have taken a total of six of them. (In the dream it seemed important that Audrey took six pills). Right before Joe’s mother comes to pick him up, and while under the influence of the pill the therapist gave him he divulges something about his mother. About how he doesn’t want to go home with her while he’s under the influence of the pill because he’s worried about something. After Joe leaves with his mom the therapist puts all the stuff that Joe said together in that session and has an oh shit moment and goes to the police. Then it jumps back to the day, right before she died. Her parents had already left for work and she missed the bus because she wasn’t feeling so well. She called Joe’s mom and asked for a ride. When his mom gets there Audrey tells her she isn’t feeling so well, and that’s when she hands her the six pills and tells her it’s okay to take them. Audrey protests a little but the mother just lies to her and semi forces her to take them. She stays with her until she’s dead and then leaves her. Because of the way she acts in that scene it becomes clear that she’s really unstable. 

So that’s how my subconscious would write an episode of Law and Order. I believe it to be heavily influenced by Twin Peaks because the whole dream had that surreal feel to it that suggested David Lynch heavily influenced it. 

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